How To Use iOS Keyboard On Android

June 9, 2023 (11 months ago)
How To Use iOS Keyboard On Android

As an Android user, there are a lot of customization options you can try out for your phone to get that user interface you always wanted. Have you ever wondered how you can use iOS keyboard on Android?

IOS Keyboard as the name implies is the default and standard keyboard exclusive to iOS users only. It is not directly available for android users as the default for android is the Google Keyboard.

Google Keyboard is classic and has a lot of sets up you can use to customize the way you want. But it cannot perfectly fit to the interface of iOS. If you truly want to know how to use iOS keyboard on your Android, follow through.


IOS Keyboard is different from any other keyboard, many would say. But it’s not all true. To keep to copyright laws, there is very much a slight user interface difference between all keyboard applications.

Just like every other keyboard, you can use it in typing messages and sending emojis as well. Feel and hear your typing with haptic feedback while you type. You also have access to different symbols that are needed from time to time when writing, like “_&+($)/?:;.”

This keyboard defers in the large library of emojis or memojis it offers. IOS Keyboard emoji library is classier and larger than others. The user interface is just smooth and gives an organized keys arrangement, breaking into sections of alphabets, numbers, symbols, and emojis. No wonder why quite a number of android users are looking for a way to make use of this keyboard on their phone.


Many call the iOS keyboard, iPhone keyboard. Well it is very much the same, there is absolutely no need for name confusion. Below is a guide how you can change your android keyboard from the default Google Keyboard to that of iOS or iPhone (whatever name you choose to call it).


Keyboard iOS 16 MOD Apk


Enjoy the smooth and classic interface of iOS keyboard. Customize to your style and enjoy every features it offers.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5.0/5) | Size: 17MB


You will be needing the above application, as this app is designed a clone of the iOS keyboard you love. It matches every aspect of iOS from the interface of the keyboard to the sound it makes on key press.

The only main difference is the addition of a clipboard to help you save (pin) words, sentences and even passwords. When you are using the app, you can explore the settings for more customization.

Increase or reduce the size of the keyboard to fit your fingers and make typing more easy for you. Go dynamic or light or dark mode. It’s your app now, set it up in the way you are comfortable with.


The whole process is easy, follow through the below steps and you will encounter no issue. First, get the Keyboard iOS 16 application.

  • Scroll downwards and click on the download button above to get to the download page of the application
  • Click download on the download page to begin download
  • After download is complete, allow your browser to be able to install applications, then click on install.

Second, change your current keyboard.

  • The Keyboard iOS 16 is now part of your phone. In order to use it, go to phone settings
  • In phone settings, find additional settings, then advance to language and input
  • To skip the “look for…” process of step 2, click on the search box in phone settings and search keyboard
  • Click on current keyboard and make the swap from whatever keyboard your phone is using to the iOS keyboard.

Third, from the iOS keyboard in use, click on the settings symbol to access the customization menu, turn on the haptic feedback which will allow you to hear and feel typing when you type. You can also switch between light mode and dark mode as well as chang’s keyboard size.


iOS keyboard is very nice to use on android. Experience first hand what the iOS keyboard actually is without you getting an iPhone. Going with the mod version of Keyboard iOS 16 above, you can access all premium features and enjoy the most of the iOS keyboard clone.

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