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Name Battlegrounds Mobile India
Category Action
Size 884 MB
Version 3.1.0
Publisher KRAFTON Inc
MOD Features Unlimited UC
Requires android Android 5.0 expand_more
android Android 5.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
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check_circle Official file from Google Play
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Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod (Anti-ban, Unlimited UC)An action mobile game of survival. BGMI is not based on a real world, but a virtual simulation of intense warfare and battle royale.


Battle Royale games are one of a kind and fun to play, giving that it matches real players all over the world together in a virtual world for the ultimate survival battle. Battlegrounds Mobile India is the best Battle Royale game in India with millions of gamers in the country, sadly it is only limited to players within India. Play with VPN if you are not in India.

Play dress up with avatars and join in survival battles along with 99 other players. Explore the map and scavenge for resources and weapons. There is danger everywhere and you do not want to get caught up.

Improve playing skills and climb your way up the global ranking to become the best player in the world. Playing solo in BGMI is an option, you can play along side your friends in team matches and create new memories together.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod (Anti-ban, Unlimited UC)


There are different personalities in the world and it is essential for global games to have a series of customization set up, to fit with the different kind of players and their playing style.

As a new player, you should know you will be required to create an account to safeguard your progress in BGMI. Players are to create their own avatar the way they want. You can decide if you want your avatar to be a male or a female, white or black or Asian, blond or red head. With the avatar customization setup, you can create your dream character.

Clothes of different style and class are all available. Where’s the fun if all players are wearing the same dress over and over. Every player has a wardrobe, which they can upgrade with UC, the wardrobe holds data of your favorite outfits. From time to time, amazing premium costumes will be made available, and you can purchase them with your in-game Unknown Coins.


Battlegrounds Mobile India comes with 2 main battle modes just like the PUBG mobile game. Every other modes that’s introduced are usually featured modes based on the new season update and events.

Players are to engage each other in Battle Royale or in Multiplayer.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod (Anti-ban, Unlimited UC)


This mode places 100 players in a map to fight for their survival. Players will form a team of four players and they must work together if they want to become the last man standing and winners of chicken dinner.

Every player is deployed into the map with no weapons, no bandage or energy drink, just nothing. Walk around, explore the map and find resources. Arm yourself with weapons and strategically take out enemies on sight. The more kills you get, the closer your chances of becoming the MVP.

Battle Royale also comes with different type of land, water and air vehicles to make transportation around the map easy. Pin point a location you want to explore on the map and drive yourself or your team there.


The environment in this mode is not as big as that of battle royale. Unlike battle royale where players can explore a wide map, multiplayer mode brings players into a small space to battle against each other.

The idea of the small map is to make it easy to find opponents. Two teams are to go head-to-head against other, making use of available resources and ammunitions. If a player gets killed, he will respawn and continue battle, that is not the end. There is timing for multiplayer games and the team with the most kills at the end wins.

Players can play both modes in First Person Perspective or Third Person Perspective. It’s all your choice.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod (Anti-ban, Unlimited UC)


Inflicting damage to enemies is your number one priority. The best way to do this is with the best weapons in the game. There’s a tutorial match for first time players, and this match is an introduction on how to use weapons and shoot.

Go for weapons with a high fire rate as they tend to give out bigger health damage to enemies. The best weapons remains the one you can use to take out enemies. There are different category of weapons and they are:

  • AR (Assault Rifles) Guns
  • DMR (Designated Marksman Rifles)
  • SR (Sniper Rifles)
  • SMG Submachine Guns
  • SG (Shotgun)
  • Pistol
  • LMG (Light Machine Gun)
  • Melee
  • Pan
  • Crossbow

Test them all in battle and find your fit. Chicken dinner awaits!


  • Different kind of maps to explore and battle in
  • Team and solo matches in different game modes
  • Account creation to socialize with other players online, send and receive friend request
  • Rank matches
  • Play dress up with the different outfits available
  • Over 20 weapons and skins as well as vehicles


  • Anticheat bypasser
  • Esp enemy count
  • Esp line
  • Antiban
  • Esp box
  • Esp radar
  • Silent aim bot
  • Esp name
  • Esp health
  • Trigger
  • Esp bot
  • Esp vehicle
  • Target
  • Esp vehicle HP
  • Esp items
  • Fov
  • Remove recoil
  • X Kill effect
  • Remove camera shake
  • Remove bullet spread
  • Unlimited UC

Download the latest version 3.1.0 and enjoy an improved battle experience.

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