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Name Day of Meat
Category Casual
Size 7.1 MB
Version 1.3
Publisher Mobil-TR
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Requires android Android 5.0 expand_more
android Android 5.0
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Day of Meat Mod (Unlimited Coins, Gems) — Arm yourself in this post-apocalyptic world as you fight for your survival. This is a casual mobile game you can’t stop playing.


A comet has fallen to earth and the radiation from it’s presence has left the earth on a count down to it’s last day. Watch out for the mutated animals, they are not friendly and are after the destruction of all living creatures on earth.

You are one of the last still alive on earth. Take up weapons and explosives as you protect yourself and ensure the survival of humans.

Mine resources as you battle through the last days, for you will need them to make upgrades. Mining is done automatically, but upgrade is to be done by you. Save up resources and increase your base health, weapons damage and attack range.

Day of Meat Mod (Unlimited Coins, Gems)


Day of Meat: Radiation is an endless game, dishing out endless waves of attacks and bosses to players. Survive through days and nights as you take out mutated animals of different looks and size.

Live through each attack wave of every single day. There’s no room for sleep as you are constantly on defense both day and night. Mutated monsters take no break.

Every mutant you take out comes with a reward. The stronger the mutant you take out, the greater the coins you earn. Use coins to upgrade your health and weapons while survival through game waves. Don’t worry about shooting monsters, it is done automatically. You should be more concerned about making upgrades to increase rate of survival.

Day of Meat Mod (Unlimited Coins, Gems)


Apart from coins which you get from eliminating mutants, you also get to mine diamonds. Defend your base as long as you can in order to mine more diamonds. If your base falls, your diamond mine falls.

With gems mined, you can upgrade the starting strength of your weapons and health before going through the first wave. This gem upgrade can only be done before the start of the first wave, and the upgrades increase your defense strength and durability.


Create new memories with your friends as you share the fun. Compete with one another on the longest survival and play endlessly. As you go higher in waves and survival days, you get to meet stronger mutants with scary looks.

Get ready hero, you are the last hope of earth. Take up your weapons and defend yourself to the very end!

Day of Meat Mod (Unlimited Coins, Gems)


  • Play through endless waves from day 1 to whenever
  • Meet different mutants with different looks and strengths. They are not friendly and are constantly rushing towards you to take you out
  • Upgrade your weapon attack damage and attack range as you survive this post-apocalyptic world
  • Purchase explosives and bombs to help you in defense


  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems

Download Day of Meat: Radiation Mod Apk latest version 1.3 for bugs fix and game improvements.

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