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Name Geometry Dash
Category Arcade
Size 75MB
Version 2.2.13
Publisher RobTop Games
MOD Features Unlocked Full Version
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
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Geometry Dash Mod (Unlocked Full Version) — A classic arcade game which takes you through various obstacles as a little geometric box. Play and avoid all the barriers as you dash through till the end of every level.


Geometry Dash is an addictive game which places you as a geometric shape jumping and dodging different obstacles. Tap your screen and avoid every hurdle to complete each level in the game.

Every level comes with its own challenges which may be of any difficulty. Finish each level to proceed into the next stage.

Unlock different types, shapes and colors of geometric shape to use in the level. Choose between any of your unlocked shapes as desired.

Improve your skills in the game by playing in training mode. Get never ending entertainment with lots of levels in geometry Dash.

The game offers amazing graphic display with neon colors. Each level has its unique background and features with specific musical notes and sound tracks.

Geometry Dash Mod (Unlocked Full Version)


There are so many themes and player icons to be unlocked in the game. Use any unique theme of icon or ball to dash through every level.

Purchase different colors of geometry that gets unlocked as you progress. You can also change shapes of your geometry icon anytime.

Unlock different themes and other features the game has to offer. Proceed into every level tapping and avoiding obstacles as much as possible.


Play different game modes with lots of different levels to challenge yourself. You can play in practice mode to hone your dodging and jumping skills through the geometric obstacles.

Challenges awaits you in different level giving unique barriers and obstacles. Finish up a level to unlock the next with each having unique features.

Finish up all levels in a particular map to unlock the next map in the game. Dash through all stages which may be challenging or easy.

You can also try out the near-impossible level to challenge yourself. Win each game and unlock amazing rewards and achievements. You can also customize your unique level by adding different obstacles as desired.

Geometry Dash Mod (Unlocked Full Version)


The game offers a terrific display and dashing geometric shapes. Every level has a unique neon background with optimal showcase of different colors.

The sound effect also matches the geometric movement of your icon. Get unique musical notes and sound tracks for each level you play.

Experience never ending entertainment with lots of unique geometric challenges. Relax and challenge yourself with all the different levels available up till the impossible level.


  • Amazing neon displays and colorful background.
  • Unique sound tracks for each level in the game.
  • Practice and master your skills in training mode.
  • Play different level with unique challenges and difficulties.
  • Proceed into different maps after finishing all stages of the previous.
  • Unlock new skins and types of geometry shape.

Geometry Dash Mod (Unlocked Full Version)


  • Full Game.
  • Everything Unlocked

Download the latest version, 2.2.13 and enjoy all mod features above in your game.

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