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Name Wearfit Pro
Category Health & Fitness
Size 88.30MB
Version hw_5.2.3
Publisher Wakeup
MOD Features All Unlocked
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
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Wearfit Pro Mod (All Dials Unlocked) — Stay fit and healthy always with this health and fitness application. Sync and monitor your fitness activities and same time keeping track of your health .


Keeping fit and healthy is a way of prolonging one’s lifespan, and the Wearfit Pro application is centered on helping users in this regard. There is so much you can do with this application, from exercise to sport activities tracking.

To make it easier for users to keep fit and stay healthy without the use of the application everytime, the app can be synced to modern day smart watches. Connect your Wearfit Pro smart watch to the application and stay updated right from your wrist.

There is so much to this application than exercise tracking. It also provides different tools and recordings which allows users to check their blood pressure, oxygen level, and other vital body signals. You can record your body vitals and monitor your health with the app, but measurements must be made from a compatible smart watch.

Wearfit Pro Mod APK (All Dials Unlocked)


Athletes will find find Wearfit Pro very useful. Sports is something we can’t take away and getting better at it is almost everybody’s goal. Whether you are a basketball player, footballer, or cycler, Wearfit Pro will help you in upgrading your skills to the next level.

Track and field athletes can monitor their runtime as well as keep record of their best runs right from the application. There are so many sport activities in the world currently, and over 20 is being supported by the app so far, more to come in future updates!

With a Wearfit Pro-compatible smartwatch on your wrist, you can keep track of your sports activities anytime during the day. You don’t need to worry about losing your activity records because the app saves everything to your account.


There are lots of devices currently compatible with the application and most of them are smart watches. Everyone have a special taste when it comes to how they want their watch to look.

Wearfit Pro provides over 50 unique watch dials (faces), both free and premium. All premium dials are free to use only to VIP members. If you are on a free plan, you can purchase at 9 cents for a dial.

All watch dials are unique. There are digital clock dials as well as analog ones. Choose your preference and use them in style.

Wearfit Pro Mod APK (All Dials Unlocked)


There are different health and fitness applications that walk users through different exercise and postures. What makes Wearfit Pro different and better is the fact you can keep record of your activities in practice and a library of over 100 courses.

Go through the course library and choose the one that suits you best. Sign up to popular weekly courses and join thousands of fellow users keep fit. To use the application, it is mandatory for users to have an account. Creating an account is easy, you don’t need to worry about it.

Do you want to work on your upper body, lower body, or full body? It doesn’t matter which form of exercise and body goal you seek, there are courses available for your need.


What better way to spend your break time than performing fun activities. Micro life is a huge category that is centered at providing users with fun online activities they can carry out.

There are tons of novels and games available, ranging from over 20 different genres. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of action, adventure, or puzzles, you will find that fun activity that suits you best.

Check out rankings of novels or games in your preferred genre, so you know which is getting the most attention from users with same taste as you. Stay healthy and fit always with Wearfit Pro!

Wearfit Pro Mod APK (All Dials Unlocked)


  • Users can sync the app to compatible devices to make tracking easy
  • 10+ different body vitals monitoring tools including: Blood pressure, heart rate, and body oxygen level
  • 100+ different watch dials and faces, ranging from digital clock dials to analog
  • Exercise courses to help you meet your body goal and stay fit in general
  • Have fun with Micro life as you stay fit and healthy
  • Compatible-devices features management: Application Market, notifications, favorite contacts, find device, weather, camera, and so much more.


  • All dials/faces unlocked
  • Premium membership and features

Download the latest version hw_5.2.3 for an improved app user interface, and new watch dials. 

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